What Method Do I Use?

Over the years I have taught in many different ways and used many different method books. The new methods look very exciting but some of the older method book move faster and are more logically presented.

In my long teaching life I have never met two children who are the same. Even classifying children into types is very difficult, for each child is unique. This is what makes teaching for me. It’s so fascinating!  There is not a one size fits all. I try to assess the best way for each child. There is the odd child where finding the right way for them proves difficult, and it may take a while before we are going in the right direction. 

Some considerations are personality of the child, parental involvement and practice routines. Piano Safari is an excellent method. It has a good balance of improvisation, rote and reading pieces and establishes good technique from the start. As it fits in with the feeling for adventure which we have at the studio, I love it. Other method books are Leila Fletcher or Bastien. These are also excellent books.

It is crucial that exercises are done daily from earliest times as a weak hand causes most of the problems as the years pass. If the hand is strong is can quickly learn new skills. Fast progress leads to a happy child.

We also have a library of readers to borrow so that children can discover new pieces and improve their reading skills.