Value of Piano Lessons

Some people step straight into piano lessons with very little thought. Usually they are looking for an extra activity to fill their child’s time. Or maybe they are carried away with the idea of playing beautiful music and not seeing far behind the glossy image.

But behind the dreams, to have a decent chance for piano lessons to be successful, it is worth taking a minute to think it through.

Here are some points to ponder if you are considering piano lessons for your child:

  1. Playing the piano is a highly specialised skill and it takes many hours of practice over many years to acquire finesse and accuracy.
  2. Your child will need a well-tuned acoustic piano at home of high quality. Buying a piano is like welcoming a new pet into your house. It takes up a lot of space and needs to be loved and looked after to give years of joy. It may not need feeding but it needs tuning at least once a year.
  3. Lessons cost money and if that money is not to be wasted there needs to be daily commitment and ambition to achieve.
  4. TIME: it takes time each day to practise and time to travel to lessons. Do you have sufficient time in your life?
  5. Enthusiasm comes from parents. If you are not supporting and enthusiastic your child will not understand the point. It is up to parents to maintain the momentum. Even parents without musical experience themselves can do a good job by being in it together.

So is it worth all the effort? If you are prepared to take it on, yes indeed – the results will astound you and impress yourself and your friends. But failing to give it time and effort can lead to incredible frustration and disappointment.