Taking Exams

Whether to take exams or not is a tricky question. I offer exams for the children who want, but it is by no means necessary to take exams. Instead we work in Levels. Once a child is comfortable understanding and playing at a certain level they move up to the next level. These levels follow the Trinity College London innovative syllabus. The pieces are a lovely mixture of classical and contemporary music which are enjoyed very much.

Examinations in piano are of international standard and recognised throughout the world. The first exam is usually taken toward the end of second year of playing, with an exam taken once a year after that. They can provide a good yardstick for assessing progress. Each year there are fresh challenges. There are 9 grades in all. Initial, then Grades 1-8. Not all children make it right through the exam system, but I find that if children make it to grade 5 or 6 they are more likely to retain playing skills for life. By this stage they should be able to pick up music and play without too much difficulty.

It is not necessary to take every exam, or even take exams at all but they provide evidence of progress which is necessary if children want to study music when they are older.

Exams can be taken each year, and even presented online at any convenient time. 

There are a number of possible paths to follow, all following the international standard. At Music Adventures we favour Trinity College, London but AMEB, the Australian Board, can be taken by request.