Piano Lessons

At Music Adventures we try to provide a comprehensive programme. By this I mean that we will be learning music theory in a practical way as we go along. We will learn good technique and improvising skills. We’ll learn harder and exciting pieces by rote so that we can explore the whole keyboard from the very beginning. We’ll also sing, and get really good at rhythm and learn reading skills.

Your child will be playing short pieces almost straight away as here at Music adventures we believe children should play exciting pieces by rote, while learning to read pieces at a slower rate. After all, we learned to speak before learning to read. If we could only speak what we could read, little people would be very quiet!

Piano lessons can begin anytime. Careful thought should be taken before lessons start however. Do you have a piano at home? Practice will need to be done regularly so does your child have time? Do you have the time to bring your child to lessons?

When an interest is shown I ask you and your child to come and meet me. This is an informal time when we can discuss your wants and needs and you can see what the studio is like and learn more about what we offer and about lessons. You are encouraged to ask questions. I will also be assessing whether your child is ready for lessons and if I feel I will be able to meet your needs. Based on the meeting you may then be offered a place in the studio and a time arranged.

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