Learning the Piano

Learning an instrument reaps untold benefits. All children should have the opportunity to learn regardless of perceived aptitude.

Most people have no idea what is involved. You or your child may have heard or seen the piano being played and marvelled at the sound that can be produced in such a wonderful way from a box with keys. But there is little concept of the years of dedication and training that have been undertaken. If this is you, you are not alone.

While music is a wonderful thing that forms part of most people’s lives, learning an instrument is not easy. Music is an art form, a painting in sound. It can lift us up when we are down, make us excited and happy or calm frayed nerves. But learning the piano involves training fingers and strengthening muscles in hands and fingers so we can easily make the music we want with our finely tuned technique. This makes learning the piano a slow and long process as we can’t rush acquiring these skills. 

To train brain and muscles we need to practise daily. This means discipline, a thing children find difficult. Children who continue piano usually have a very supportive parent making sure there is a regular time for practice each day and gently cajoling through the difficult times.

A happy parent who infuses their child with a love of music and shows constant interest and support is setting a good foundation for lifelong music and laying the foundations for good solid learning in other fields.

One need never be bored playing the piano. There is a vast repertoire of music written especially for piano, the complexity increasing slowly as we learn and grow. As one pianist once said, it is not one instrument but a hundred as the piano plays not one line but a complex web of melodies and harmonies. Good music is amazingly beautiful so at Music Adventures we aim for good quality music whether it be classical, jazz or modern. Pop music translates badly on piano as it is usually written for guitars and voice. Most teenagers will venture this way but rarely need help as it can be freely changed and adapted to teenager’s tastes. Exploring this music increases their interest and skills, so is to be encouraged. I am always happy to help if needed.