How to Learn to Play Piano Successfully

Some well-intentioned students have little idea how to practise or how to progress. Here are some observations of how high-achieving students work. Of course there are many ways to succeed and you may know other ways. These points are based on my own observations.

How high-achieving students work:

1. They approach fresh pieces with enthusiasm and determination. They are explorers in a fascinating world. It’s a musical adventure!

2. They follow up quickly on lessons and practise the new skills throughout the week.

3. They listen to themselves when they play and enjoy making the sound better and better.

4. They never allow themselves to be bored but find new ways to practise and challenge themselves.

5. They love exploring and playing other music.

6. They become very good at picking out tunes they hear on the radio.

7. As they are constantly playing new music, they don’t have to worry about sight-reading new pieces. Bad sight-reading is usually the result of not playing enough new music. It gets easier with practise and opens up the wonderful world of music.

8. They are not frightened to sing and move to music. Singing around the house and dancing to music (even if it is when no one is looking!) are two of the great ways to love music and become better at playing.