• What age is the best to start learning piano? That depends on the child and home circumstances. 6 years is a good average age but if you are prepared to give lots of help, children may be ready at 4 or 5 years.
  • Do I need an instrument at home? Yes you will need an instrument at home for your child to do daily practice. Digital pianos can work for a few years but nothing beats a well-tuned acoustic piano. I am happy to advise.
  • Can I attend the lesson? By all means if it works for you. Older children may be better with you attending just occasionally. Even young children may work better with me without you being there. This is because young children will leave all the learning to you if you are in the room. Each case is different so we work that out as we go along. We have a comfortable waiting area close by so it is possible to hear what is happening from outside the room. I will also tell you what we have been doing after the lesson.
  • Do you teach in school holidays? No, not as a general rule, but sometimes I do if it is convenient or necessary, particularly before exams.
  • Do you make up missed lessons? I have a strict no make-ups policy. I have a large number of students and it is nightmare to try to make up lessons. To compensate for this I charge for only 36 lessons a year and give 39 lessons in the year. The total amount is then divided equally between the terms and that is payable at the beginning of each term.
  • How long are your lessons? My standard lessons are 40 minutes long for the serious student, children with less interest may be fine with a 30 minute lesson. 40 minutes allows time to fit in a number of activities which for younger children will involve musical games on the carpet. Advanced pupils will need longer lessons.
  • What are your fees? My fees are explained under Policies and Fees.