Classic Music Books to own

It is always nice to have some beautiful music books handy to play for pleasure. There are some wonderful classic books available as well as delightful modern albums.

Here are some suggestions to start your collection.

Early Years: tutors and mixture of early classics and light music

Exercises: Dozen a Day, Burgmuller Studies

Grade 2/3: Bartok Musical Cameos, early Bach and Mozart, Denis Alexander Splash of Colour

Grades 3/4: Tchaikovsky Scenes from Childhood Op 39, Clementi Sonatinas Op 36 (goes up to Grade 6)

Grades 4/5: Grieg Lyric Pieces, J S Bach 2-part Inventions

Grades 5/6: easier Debussy, Ibert Giddy Girl, Jessica’s Theme, Beethoven Fur Elise (full version), Moonlight Sonata, early Chopin and Schumann

Grade 7: Mendelssohn Songs without Words, Debussy Children’s Corner Suite, 2 Arabesques

Grade 8+ Should own J S Bach Preludes and Fugues Bk1, Beethoven Sonatas, Mozart Sonatas, Brahms Intermezzi, Chopin Waltzes and Nocturnes

For enthusiasts: Bach Preludes and Fugues Bk 2, Haydn Sonatas, Rachmaninov Preludes, Schubert Sonatas