Piano Lessons Gold Coast

Welcome to Music Adventures

Come with us on a beautiful journey through the wonderful world of music and experience the many adventures along the way. Climb many high mountains and run through green forests and past blue lakes. There will be many highs and some lows but the journey will be worth the huge effort when we reach the journey end and have become competent pianists.

Along the way there are many delightful surprises and experiences, many songs to sing and pieces to impress, effects to master and use to create our own pieces.

Join us on this adventure!

Learn to play in classic style, dreamy styles and jazz styles. Master pitch and keys, rhythm and beat, heavy and light music. Learn good technique that helps you play more beautifully; learn how music works and create your own music. Train your ears and learn to sing with confidence.

There are signposts along the road which will help us see how far we have come and where we are going. Those who want can mark this progress by taking piano exams.

Musical notes on composer

What do we need to take with us on this journey?

We need a well-tuned piano, determination to reach the end of the journey, whatever it takes; and a loving parent as our companion along the way.

Let’s get started!


                                                 Be a good Home Helper

For the child whose imagination is truly captured by the piano, the depth and knowledge to explore is almost endless, certainly more than anyone can cover in a lifetime.  It can become an absorbing hobby. It is therefore important to support the on-going learning and not make it a chore that needs to be quickly done.  Find interest, parents, in what your child is doing. Even learn to play yourself, in order to be able to explore together.

Ultimately the wish to learn comes from the child. I see each child once a week, but 98% of the time they must teach themselves at home. I can only instruct, I cannot miraculously make them good pianists. However motivating I am, only your child can learn to play.


May I wish you a joyful adventure as you follow this path on your musical journey