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Welcome to Music Adventures. I am every excited that you are visiting us!  I want to show you around and introduce you to the studio.

Tour of the Studio

Here we are – We have parked at the front of the house, then walked to the left and up to the front door. Looks as if the studio is closed today. Let’s look inside anyway!

Music Adventures entrance

Music Adventures entrance

This is our waiting area, just inside the door. You can just see into the studio. This is a comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings. Sometimes there are even things to discover here!

Music Adventures waiting area

Music Adventures waiting area

And here we are in the studio. We have a grand piano where most of the action takes place. It is a K Kawai grand piano. Very nice. And also an Alex Steinbach upright which is very user friendly for the younger children.  You can just see some of the photos of our music family on the cupboards.

This is where we move, sing, listen and play our games. There is also a whiteboard, very handy for theory.







We have readers to take home each week to improve music reading skills.

music sight reading books

Our new music readers

What’s in the games cupboards?

Okay – let’s have a look. I don’t normally show people in here. It’s where I keep all my music equipment, games and instruments.

music equipment

inside my cupboards

music equipment

Some hidden friends

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