Piano Lessons

For suitable children, we now teach piano to children aged from 3.5 years using the Dogs and Birds method. Parents will need to be totally involved and supportive to bring the best out of their young child.

girlatpianoFrom the age of 5 or 6 years some pupils are ready to start learning piano using more standard methods. 7 through to 9 years are also good starting ages for your child. But it is never too late to start. We want the experience to be a wonderful adventure. Learning piano can be a demanding task. But the journey need never be boring.

We teach a variety of music, and those who wish may sit piano exams. As well as exciting music there are games of discovery, weekly readers of well known pieces, and tunes to memorise and write ourselves.

Standard piano lessons are 40 minutes long which gives time to cover new pieces, review pieces, rhythm work, sight reading, techniques, Improvising and ear training. Advanced students will need from 45 minutes to an hour each week.

For the first few years we teach music in a variety of styles, some familiar and some not. There are basic techniques that need to be learned no matter what your tastes. Classical music leads to the finest playing technique but we understand that children enjoy a variety of pieces.

Pupils should have a piano at home for practising and playing, but  for the first few months it is possible to use an electric keyboard. It is best not to learn on a keyboard for too long however, as the technique is totally different and children get bored with the restricted sound. Modern digital pianos are better and can be used for a few years, but nothing quite replaces a modern acoustic piano.

Small children need a totally involved parent to be with them as they play each day, but parents need to take an active interest in progress at less until the child reaches their teens!

Practice makes prefect!  Progress depends entirely on the behind-the-scenes work done at home.  An interested child will want to conquer the challenges. Practising everyday, however little, gives much better results than practising for a long time on only a couple of days.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Man learning the pianoI teach adults in the day time. All abilities catered for. It is never too late to learn!

Lessons are tailored to suit your style and musical tastes.

Free Evaluation

I always suggest that you come and view the studio before making a decision. At this time I get to know your child a little and assess their potential, concentration and learning style. Transfer students need to bring some music to play and should expect to be asked to play a piece of sight reading. Once you decide on lessons you need to book in and pay for a full term.

Adults may pay by the lesson.