Music lessons for the preschoolers


Music Adventures Explorers

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Interested in preschool group lessons?

In 2018 I am starting group lessons for children on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

From 1-4 children in a group, there will be lots of fun as we learn all about music through singing, dancing, tapping and use of beautiful materials. The course is sequential, the first semester giving a gentle introduction to music. There is a strong creative element and children are encouraged to be comfortable with singing, moving and building music through the use of percussion before moving into reading and writing music.

materialsPiano is introduced in semester 2 and we gradually work up to first tutors such as My First Piano Adventures, though improvisation is always an important focus of the studio.

We use a song and rhyme book and other course materials are simple instruments, including recorders. Although this course can stand alone it is also an excellent course to lead smoothly into piano lessons. It may be just the thing for your budding youngster. The programme is educationally sound and sets a firm foundation for excellent technique and good musical ear.

Piano or music lessons for preschoolers help the developing brain. You will see ability increasing in other areas, a great benefit when starting school.


Dogs and Birds book 1Private lessons from 3-6 years

For the enthusiastic musical family, Piano Safari or Dogs and Birds for the young preschooler may be just the thing. Both are exciting, creative and imaginative. Parents need to support their child’s learning, an appropriate tutor will depend on child and family.

Dogs and Birds is exciting and absorbing and lays very good foundations for excellent technique and also musicality. Children sing everything they play which greatly develops their musical ear. There is a strong Kodaly element as the first notes we learn and sing are pentatonic. Piano Safari also works very well for child closer to 5 years and is my personal favourite. Children are encouraged to explore the whole piano and excellent technique is built.



Parents are an important part of this learning.  Young children see the whole world through their parents. Your positive attitude towards music classes will give your child a life-long love of music. Make music part of everyday life.


 Why not start your music adventure today?