Music lessons for the preschoolers

Dogs and Birds book 1Private lessons from 3-6 years

For the enthusiastic musical family, Dogs and Birds for the young preschooler may be just the thing. It is exciting, creative and imaginative. Young children, with the support of a willing parent, learn piano through the story of Dog, Bird and their friends. Totally age-appropriate, progress is made by following up each lesson with activities at home. I am very impressed by this programme. In a totally exciting and absorbing way it lays very good foundations for excellent technique and also musicality. Children sing everything they play which greatly develops their musical ear. There is a strong Kodaly element as the first notes we learn and sing are pentatonic.


Music Adventures Explorers

Room set for Explorers fun

More interested in group lessons?

These days with our very busy lives, many busy mums only have limited times for activities so group lesson have become impossible to organise.  Because of this I no longer offer group lessons.  “Explorers” are now partner lessons and are only available for suitable partners.

In these partner lessons we use the books, Dogs and Birds for learning the piano/keyboard and alternate between piano and mat work which may involve singing, dancing and moving to music, beat and rhythm work, playing percussion instruments. The programme is educationally sound and sets firm foundation for excellent technique and good musical ear.


animal tiles

animal tiles

Piano or music lessons for preschoolers help the developing brain. You will see ability increasing in other areas, a great benefit when starting school.

Parents are an important part of this learning.  Young children see the whole world through their parents. Your positive attitude towards music classes will give your child a life-long love of music. Make music part of everyday life.

Why not start your music adventure today?