Brother And Sister Playing Piano

the right start

So you have always wanted to play the piano and now your child is learning!  Everything is fine… or is it?  Did you know that children are unlikely to commit to learning if their parents are not very interested?  I mean, why should they, when you clearly don’t value it yourself?  Your children reflect your attitudes. So make music an important part of your life. Make music something the whole family enjoys.

Here are some ideas and thoughts.

1.    Music is a vital part of life, expressing our deepest emotions in a way that words can’t. It’s a great de-stresser.

2.    Rhythm is a fundamental part of who we are. Our hearts beat, we have sleep cycles, monthly cycles, digestion cycles. Moods can even be affected by the moon! Rhythm speaks to us like nothing else, hence the strong beat of popular music. A sense rhythm affects everything we do, even walking and playing sports. Beat is deeply satisfying and increases happiness.

3.    We are stirred by sounds of nature and try to replicate this in music.

4.    Our voice is our own inbuilt instrument, a great place to start discovering music. We were born to sing!

5.    Young babies are fascinated by sound and in fact respond to the music that they first heard in the womb.

family playing a game

being part of the family

6.    You cannot do better than introduce music to babies and encourage your young child to sing, move, dance, and make sounds in a relaxed and happy manner. Go on, have fun!

7.    Music training covers so many skills that learning an instrument can, and often does, rub off in other subjects, improving those areas also.

8.    Music enhances children’s play.

9.   Before starting piano lessons, make sure family music is an everyday part of your life.

Piano is a great first instrument.  It teaches all the basics of music and is really good for coordination.  It should only be learned when your child is ready, and with a great deal of support from you.

Music is for everyone, a beautiful part of life.  Make music part of your daily life.