The Christmas Wind-down

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Christmas is just around the corner and in Australia I can begin to see the Christmas wind-down as children and adults alike become tired as Christmas approaches. But do we put music in a box and forget about it until February 2017? What a pity that would be…

Music is a living art that brings joy to most of us. How many of us would wish a world without music. But learning to play an instrument is very demanding, and sometime we feel we would like a break… just for a little while. Unfortunately any break from learning a skill means a lose of momentum, the muscles forget what they have learned, facts are forgotten and sometimes it takes a while to pick up skills again after the break.

Here are a few ideas to keep your child playing over the long break:

  • Organise a Christmas concert for family and friends. Perhaps include a sing-song to keep all happy.
  • Look out those Christmas songs and carols.
  • Play with a sibling who is learning a different instrument.
  • Play piano duets with a friend.
  • Play and sing old songs.
  • Start your own band.
  • Make up songs on the piano, with or without words.
  • If you have a keyboard let your child explore different sounds and rhythms.

Make piano part of family life and watch skills grow, even through the summer break.