Teaching Piano is Our Speciality

Music Adventures offers a musical journey from first lessons to advanced diploma; from first steps to competent pianist. The studio name perfectly sums up the our ethos. Give your child the best possible musical start with Music Adventures


Piano lessons from 4 years to adults: variety of music, piano exams for those who wish, games of discovery, weekly readers of well known pieces.

Great books

We use the very best method books that reflect our ethos.


Limited places available for group music/piano lessons for children under 6 years. Take a gentle start through singing, moving, creating…

Your Teachers

John and Jill Argyle are friendly and approachable, committed to making your music adventure a wonderful experience. We are both highly qualified with piano diplomas and music degrees and we have valuable years of experience.

“For the vast majority of students, music can be every bit as important educationally as reading or writing”

Oliver Sachs "Musicophilia"

Piano Lessons at Music Adventures on the Gold Coast

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Jill Argyle is your professional piano teacher at Music Adventures

“I teach students of all ages and levels and strive to provide the best possible music education for every student. Our piano lessons teach interesting pieces, develop good technique, promote good reading skills and train the musical ear on a weekly basis. Quality music brings the greatest rewards through its depth of feeling and musical excellence”.



We believe children should be listening and singing before they play piano. Children should hear music in their head before they play it.

We teach children to listen and think the music before they play.


We believe that music is an extension of who we are and we freely move to music and play with the same freedom. We believe playing with beautiful hands creates beautiful music.

We teach good technique from the very first lesson.


We believe children need to play music and enjoy doing so before they read music.

We teach children songs by rote to enjoy playing all over the keyboard from the first lesson.



We believe that learning to read music is very important but understand that it may take many years for a child to become a good reader.

We teach reading every lesson but don’t restrict children to only play pieces they can read.


We believe beautiful music comes from beautiful thoughts. We build pictures and stories in our minds to enhance the music.

We teach how music can express feelings.



We believe to enjoy playing pieces we have to know them really well so children are encouraged to keep playing pieces they love. They perform favourite pieces every day and so can play to friends at the drop of a hat.


Every Lesson is Special

We believe your child is special and that we can’t possibly give your child the freedom to express themselves fully, learning good technique, reading skills, rhythm skills, reviewing favourite pieces not to mention training the musical ear, singing and moving in one half-hour lesson a week. So our standard lesson is 40 minutes.

The old tradition way of teaching is play and correct, play and correct. We give you so much more!

Love my Pieces


We believe that playing music without music allows us to listen and enjoy the beautiful sounds we are making. We fall in love with our pieces and want to keep playing them!

We teach pieces by rote and encourage memory.



Term dates for 2018

Term 1: 22 Jan – 29 Mar
Term 2: 16 April – 30 June
Term 3: 16 July – 22 Sept
Term 4: 08 Oct – 08 Dec


For Budding Composers

Music Writing Software Programmes

If you are a serious composer you can do no better than Sibelius which allows you to write down any music you would ever want. It is worth a look as it does great student deals. But if you just want to dip your toes in, for all you budding composers – there is a free and comprehensive programme available for writing music at Muse Score.  It may look a little daunting at first, but there is lots of information about it and instructions. Really it couldn’t be better!! Do give it a go!

Manuscript Paper

4 stave manuscript paper

8 stave manuscript paper

10 stave manuscript paper

12 stave manuscript paper