Teaching Piano is Our Speciality

Music Adventures offers a musical journey from first lessons to advanced diploma; from first steps to competent pianist. The studio name perfectly sums up the our ethos. Your journey may be short or life long, but the road is wide and there will be many adventures on the way. Give your child the best possible musical start with Music Adventures.





Piano lessons are for everyone from 4 years to adults. 7 years is the average starting age.
We teach a variety of music, and those who wish may sit piano exams.
As well as exciting music there are games of discovery, weekly readers of well known pieces, and tunes to memorise and write ourselves.

Great books

We teach from the very best tutors that reflect our ethos. Our books teach reading, improvising and listening while making learning piano a wonderful adventure.


Limited places available for group music/piano lessons for children under 6 years. This sequential course starts with a broad spectrum of music activities and piano is introduced gradually. The course takes approximately two years.

Your Teachers

John and Jill Argyle are friendly and approachable, committed to making your music adventure a wonderful experience. We are both highly qualified with piano diplomas and music degrees and we have valuable years of experience.

“For the vast majority of students, music can be every bit as important educationally as reading or writing”

Oliver Sachs "Musicophilia"

Congratulations to all my students who took AMEB exams this year. 60% received As and above, 80% a B+ or above. Great effort! I’m so proud of you!

Learn piano at Music Adventures on the Gold Coast!

All lessons are private lessons except for Explorers for under 5s. Private piano lessons can be taken by adults and children from 3.5 years. Theory, games, beat, rhythm, composing, improvising, sight reading, memorising, technique, movement and creativity are a normal part of our lessons. We aim to make Music Adventures a fun place to learn.

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What age to start?

I am frequently asked, what is the best age for a child to start learning piano. How long is a piece of string? There are various factors to consider. Does your child love singing and hearing music? Have they shown an interest in playing? Another factor maybe the cost...

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Piano Readers

This year I am introducing readers for the children. I have made many books by selecting pieces from other books and combining them into suitably graded readers. This is a lending library and it saves me lending out dozens of books. As I own all the books I'm pretty...

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Determination to Succeed

Studies have shown that effort, not talent lead to amazing results. 10,000 hours seems to be the magical number required for mighty achievement but steady, regular practice will lead to success. To spend years mastering an instrument requires the child to have great...

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True Grit

The key to success boils down to 3 essentials: determination to succeed, correct practising, and acquiring good reading skills. Let's talk more about determination, or sticking to the task however long it takes. What we might call having grit. I want to debunk...

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Three Essentials for Learning Piano

The road to success can be long and hard. But does it need to be? Learning to play the piano can be a real chore for some children, but for others it is a great joy. Why is this? I would really love to say I have an answer that will turn every child into a budding...

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Term dates for 2017

Term 1: 23 Jan - 31 Mar (10 wks)
Term 2: 17 April - 23 June (10 wks)
Term 3: 10 July - 15 Sept (10 wks)
Term 4: 02 Oct - 02 Dec (9 wks)


For Budding Composers

Music Writing Software Programmes

If you are a serious composer you can do no better than Sibelius which allows you to write down any music you would ever want. It is worth a look as it does great student deals. But if you just want to dip your toes in, for all you budding composers – there is a free and comprehensive programme available for writing music at Muse Score.  It may look a little daunting at first, but there is lots of information about it and instructions. Really it couldn’t be better!! Do give it a go!

Manuscript Paper

4 stave manuscript paper

8 stave manuscript paper

10 stave manuscript paper

12 stave manuscript paper